Alumni Dinner 15th February 2014

Saturday 15th February saw one of the largest turn -outs to ever grace an Alumni Dinner gather to hear ex-Headmaster and French teacher Frank Keenan pass on his observations  and insights into the school’s formative years.  

He did this, of course, with his usual dry wit and aplomb and kept the entire group fully-engaged for about 30 minutes [ good value when you consider he was only booked for 10].  

He was ably assisted by the presence of former colleagues such as John Askew, Tom Kennedy, David Finnigan and, for the first time, David Sims to whom he referred occasionally for verification of his tales. These included the first-ever welcome of STM boys in Dijon on the French Exchange when their Headteacher encouraged the French students to display a warm welcome by giving our boys “the Burgundian clap!”  

It was a delight to see  three of the current staff present: Headteacher Gemma Ackred, Head of Sixth Form Elsa Genovese and Pupil Progress Director and geology teacher Matt Hardiman (who is also an ex -pupil)  

A first was also achieved by Jed Marshall who was present as a former pupil, undertaking his teachertraining placement at the school and who had, whilst still a pupil, served as a waiter at a previous dinner some years ago!