Aims & Objectives

The St Thomas More Alumni was set-up as the St Thomas More Old Boys Association in 1998 and officially inaugurated on St Thomas More Day that year. It was re-named at the AGM in 2013.
Prior to 1998 there had been occasional loose gatherings of past pupils every so often, but efforts to establish a permanent organisation of alumni had failed to gain momentum.

Every year since 1980 an Old Boys’ Mass had been held in the evening of St Thomas Day when deceased past pupils and members of staff had been remembered. This event was always followed by a social occasion involving drinks and a buffet.

In 1997 Frank Keenan, then Headmaster, decided to build on this worthy tradition and invited a few regular attendees to put their minds to the creation of this Association.

After a few information gathering meetings of past students from across the decades right back to the school foundation in 1960 the founding principles of the association were put in place and at the first AGM held in May 1998 it was agreed to form the Association.

The Alumni is an organisation independent of the school and its aims and objectives are simply:

Membership is open to all past pupils (male and female), former members of staff and the Headmaster and is FREE! Members receive newsletters (Moreana) and are eligible to attend the Alumni Dinner. In addition members themselves often organise specific events such as golf days, trips to clubs, casino evenings, trips to breweries, etc. for other members to participate in.

The Alumni is run by an annually elected President in conjunction with the Executive consisting of 3 tri-annually elected members – Membership Secretary, Social Secretary and Treasurer.

The Alumni also organises the annual Memorial Mass and Social on St. Thomas More Day, open to all past students and teachers regardless of membership status.

There are three Alumni social media platforms to help all former pupils, teachers and governors to remain in touch:

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