Deceased Pupils & Staff

Every year since 1980 the Alumni have celebrated a Memorial Mass on, or near, the Feast of St Thomas More to remember, honour and pray for those former pupils, members of staff and governors who are now deceased.

In those early days the fact that there were deceased former pupils was a somewhat sobering thought since the eldest alumni would only have been in their mid-thirties, but every year more names have been added as word reaches us of new bereavements. Even now in the 2020s with the oldest former pupils still only in their early 70s names are added every year and not because of "old age". Tragedy strikes in the form of accidents, illness, suicide and, in some cases, murder and it is beholden upon all of us alumni who continue to enjoy life and reap its rewards to pause and pay our respects to those less fortunate than ourselves.

The list that follows is undoubtedly incomplete and we are indebted to those family and friends who, over the years, have passed on the sad news of a bereavement that allows us to add yet another name to this roll-call. If you are aware of any names that should be on the list but are missing (whether pupil, staff or governor) please send us the relevant information via the Contact Us feature of this website.

Former Pupils

Josh Akinpelu

John Anderson

Duncan Atkinson  

Christopher Axe

Anthony Bachelor

Michael Barry

Neil Baxter

Geoff Bennett

Paul Benson

Simon Bishop

Joseph Bond

Philip Borthwick

Eamonn Brent

David Brooker

Tony Brooker

Daniel Bruce

John Burke

Dominic Burrows

Nicholas Busic

Simon Byczynski

Paul Bygrave

Paul Cahill

Nina Clarke

Paul Claxton

Andy Cockerell

Paul Cockerell

Richard Copley

Frank Cornish

Tom Costello

Eddie Cousins

Phillip Cronin

Colin D'Eca

Brian Dalton

Joseph Daly

Matthew Dear

Andrew Dicks

Damian Dixon

Brian Donnelly

Steve Dowie

Richard Eiles

Paul Emmerson

Richard Fiore

Leo Forge

Rory Forge

Anthony Gibbons

Paul Gibbins

Andrew Glen

Alan Goller

John Graham

Derek Hand

Kevin Harcourt

John Hartigan

Patrick Hartigan

Patrick Louis Hartigan

Philip Harvey

John Healey

Michael Healey

Philip Healey

Keith Henaghan

Peter Henaghan

Andrew Hills

Robert Hodder

Christopher Hopper

Steven Hurren

Martin Hutchinson

Gary Ismail

Anthony Jarvis

Liam Joyce

Matthew Joyce

Andrew Keefe

Michael Kelly

John King

Chris Lawrence

Julian Lehane

Gareth Lewis

David Long

Erickson Lord

Kerina Lord

Eamonn Loughran

Andrew Lovell

Adrian Lummis

Anthony MacDermott  

James McEvoy

John Magnay

Shaun Mahoney

Tony Martin

Vincent Massimo

Grace Millane

Matthew Mullina

Philip Nibbs

Christopher Nota

Kevin O'Hanlon

Daniel O'Leary

Patrick O'Sullivan

Martin O'Brien

Anthony Parle

Francis Parsad

Peter Parsons

David Patterson

Angelo Pezzuolo

Stuart Pitt

Lara Pleva

Bruce Pond

Gregory Power

James Richardson

Dino Rossi

Jason Rumsey

John Sammon

David Scott Frame

Darren Sheppard

Nicholas Simmonds

Raffael Sorrentino

Peter Spencer

Mitchell Thorne

Andrew Traynor

Emmanuel Udoh

Stephen Udoh

David Ward

Paul Wallaker

John Wheaton

Robert Wigley



Peter Bosch

Maria Cane

Barry Charles

Dominick Fanning

David Finnigan

Alan Foot

Tricia Girling

Christine Harvey

Mollie Hillier

Margaret Hopkins   

Elsie Kemp

Chris Keville

Sylvia Kirby

Teresa Lafferty

Matt Love

Don McGregor

Tom Mayhew

Paul De Naeyer

Don Newland

Sybil O'Brien

Terry O’Hagan

Dot Parkinson

Barry Prior

Jonathan Reynolds

Louis de Rosario

Arthur Sanderson

Peter Schiltz

George Sharp

Bill Spary

Munowar Syed

David Thompson

Kevin Vickers

Norman Williams

Henry Wilson Curry



Athol Anderson Wright

Frank Blaker

Frank Clancy

Sean Corr

Pauline Cousins

Ted Cousins

Rod Daniels

John Dillon

John Hardy

Terry Patterson

Eric Wilding


May they all, and any other deceased alumni of whom we are unaware, Rest In Peace.